Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fun Flashy Friday...

Oh. My. God...

There is something about Fridays that simply lights up my world.  No matter how crap the work week has been (which it actually hasn't been too bad this week), Friday fixes everything.  For that one day, even though I'm at work, it feels completely different than the rest of the week.  I'm pretty sure, because no matter what happens on Friday, I have two glorious days of doing whatever the hell I want to immediately afterwards.  Tomorrow will be an even more amazing Friday, can you say public holiday?  Three day weekend?  The most exciting Friday, since my 24 "Saturdays" in Europe.

Friday at work is relatively stress free, people are HAPPY, and because it's casual dress Friday, I get to wear my super awesome, light up, Skechers.  Every single week, when there is someone new who gets in the lift with me, in my very corporate office, I get comments about the shoes.  "Wow, they're cool shoes."  "Well, duh, they're my Friday shoes!!!"... or my personal favourite "my daughter has shoes like that"... I just laugh and mention that's the beauty of having small feet, you can fit into children's shoes.  I also really enjoy when I'm in the lift with a few gents in suits.  I see them glance, and I watch their faces, knowing they are thinking "WTF", and then when getting off the lift, I wait outside the lift and wait to hear that laugh and the familiar comment "nice shoes."  Every.  Single.  Time.

Ah, the most impressive shoes I own, the ones that I'm super attached to, and when they eventually fall apart, that I'll simply HAVE to replace, because let's face it, these shoes are now part of who I am.  I'm the girl who gets out of the lift on Level 3, with the strange, child-like, flashing shoes.  And it may not seem like much to most people, but I feel good in the fact that each person I come across, either walking to the office, walking into the office, in the lift, start the day with a smile, or even better than that, a laugh.  And I feel like I'm starting their Friday (my favourite day of the week) off in the best possible way.  What may seem like a hilarious joke, the 29 year old, wearing the flashing shoes to work, allows me to bring that positive feeling to the start of their work day.  And let's face it, sometimes, in the midst of the crazy work life, where stress is unavoidable, and frustration is inevitable, we just need something to make us smile, and help us start the day on a positive note.

Plus, have you ever seen a child with awesome, colourful, light up Skechers feeling disheartened about coming into the office for the day?  Yep, didn't think so.  I rest my case.  (Yes, I clearly recognise that a child would not be coming into the office for the day to work, however it's my blog and I'll use whatever examples I want to).

Friday... Tomorrow, we will meet again, and as usual, I'll embrace you, with a smile, happiness, a skip in my step, and those wonderfully, bright, positive, child-like, flashing shoes.